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Tripoli Processing Office
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The Tripoli processing office was established with the aim of facilitating your transaction with any service or authority, whether public or non-public. We have been in the fulfillment business for five years, dealing professionally and efficiently with a variety of services.

What exactly do we do?

  • DEKO Bill Payments: Save time and effort by outsourcing your DEKO bill payments to us.
  • ASEP/Ancillary/CTO/Tax/Benefits applications: We support you in all the steps of your applications to various services and authorities.
  • Authorizations/Disclaimers through gov: We represent you for authorizations and disclosures through the gov platform.
  • Processing in Services: We undertake the processes related to services and authorities.
  • Transfers/Classification/Property/Lien Removal: We support you with transfers, classification, real estate, and lien removal.
  • Traffic Permits: We help you issue traffic permits for your vehicles.
  • Issuance of Plates (ICHE. FICH. BICYCLE. TRAILER) KTEO: We undertake the process of issuing plates for various vehicles.
  • Renewals of Diplomas (PEI. Road Carrier Cards. ADR): We help you with renewals of diplomas and road carrier cards.
  • Photocopies: We provide photocopy services for your needs.

We address both professionals and individuals, covering various sectors and services. Our distinctive choice is to serve our customers directly, while our goals include our gradual evolution to serve customers worldwide. We are here to facilitate your processes and provide you with the best possible service.